Wollongong is a beautiful city on the South Coast of NSW nestled between stunning mountains and glorious coastlines. Wollongong is the 9th biggest city in Australia and has been growing slowly for decades. Commonly known as “The Gong” its short drive to Sydney, relaxed lifestyle and quality amenities mean that it is a popular location to build a house.

Wollongong Builders

Wollongong has quite a few choices when it comes to builders. There are a lot of custom builders in addition to national and local project home builders. Builders in Wollongong include:

  • Allcastle Homes
  • Allworth Homes
  • Barrington Homes
  • Beechwood Homes
  • Burbank
  • Clarendon Homes
  • David Reid Homes
  • Eagle Homes
  • GJ Gardner Homes
  • Hotondo Homes
  • Marksman Homes
  • McDonald Jones
  • Mincove Homes
  • New Living Homes
  • Raymond Vincent
  • South Coast Homes
  • Southern Vale Homes

Masterton Homes and Metricon Homes also build in Wollongong but at this stage do not want to have their designs listed on the site.

Why Build in Wollongong?

We have touched on some of the reasons people like to build in the Wollongong and Illawarra areas, specifically the short train or car ride to Sydney. But Wollongong is so much more than a Sydney suburb, it is a beautiful piece of Australia with a great community spirit and plenty of space to raise a family. If you are looking for any of these things then Wollongong may be your ideal next move:

  • Scores of amazing beaches
  • Loads of parks and recreational areas
  • High quality and high achieving schools
  • Excellent fashion and shopping opportunities
  • Wonderful cafe and restaurant selection
  • Affordable, good sized housing
  • World Class University

Things to know when building in Wollongong.

In the most recent Housing Study the Wollongong council has hinted at only one developmental area at west Dapto for up to 10,000 dwellings. The council were also looking at increasing density in older areas of Wollongong, perfect for investors or homebuyers looking to share cost with a duplex.

Other areas such as the escarpment have been rezoned for environmental protection so land availability is limited until the West Dapto Greenfields project goes ahead. Currently it is still in the planning phase.

The building process in Wollongong is fairly typical, other than a push to increase the density of current housing stock which may make things easier for developers and investors. The increased demand from Sydney buyers looking for another option has seen property prices double since 2008 so building on your own land can be an economical way to enter the market.

Land for sale in Wollongong

Land in Wollongong is difficult to find. The suburbs definitely have better options but because demand is so high it may be worth contacting local agents to update you when land becomes available. Otherwise check out available land online at the link below:

Land in Wollongong