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Clever ideas for small space Dining Areas

         No Room for a Dining Area?         Install a Banquette!

If your dining zone is on the small side, a banquette seat effectively maximises the available seating while adding a cafe-cool vibe to the space. It also offers comfort and flexibility, and even under-seat storage. It can fit snugly into a corner or stretch along a wall for more expansive seating

Contemporary Dining Room by Martin Kobus Home

Urban Dining

In an open-plan space, which must accommodate a kitchen, living area and dining space, a sense of refined modernism and space can be maintained throughout the room by squeezing in a fitted banquette along one wall. In this sleek city penthouse, designed for a busy bachelor, there were a number of custom-built elements including the built-in banquette along a recessed wall. Browse contemporary-style dining areas.


Contemporary Dining Room by Anthony Michael Interior Design, Ltd.

Refined Tastes

Even though many associate a built-in dining space with the old-fashioned kitchen nook, sophistication can be brought to the fore when there is a consideration of materials. Here, the banquette’s cream upholstery is supported by a timber base, adding elegance to the eating zone. While the dining suite makes a strong statement, it’s beautifully complemented by the room’s seriously stylish artwork, lighting, wall covering and accessories.


Contemporary Dining Room by MR.MITCHELL

Retro Diner

Pure white makes a small space seem larger, and the semi-circle shape adds a retro-inspired ‘diner’ feel, making it more casual in the minimalist space.


Industrial Dining Room Industrial Dining Room

Crowd Pleaser

When the design includes an angled ceiling, creativity is required to make sure no space is wasted. Setting the banquette seat forward means guests don’t need to bend when they get up, and the unit behind the seat can be used as a handy storage space


Traditional Dining Room by Emily Griffin Design

Best (Window) Seat in the House

Adding a banquette seat under a window is both stylish and space-saving. Here, the area can be used for dining with enough room to include a built-in bookshelf. This means that if you feel like spreading out, the table can be moved away and you have a perfect spot to lay back for an afternoon read – or quick nanna nap! Reasons to install a window seat


Beach Style Dining Room by Ronald F. DiMauro Architects, Inc.

Kitchen Corner

This small space is brilliantly utilised by placing banquette seating back-to-back with a comfy sofa. The banquette continues under the window sills so everyone can fit around the unique quarter-circle table and the view is uninterrupted when only a couple of people are dining. The upholstery follows an ocean-inspired colour palette, and the timber legs are painted to match the walls and ceiling.


Traditional Kitchen by Knight Construction Design Inc.

Tight but Right

In this tight space, guests would have been frustrated if the dining table was positioned in the centre of the room. It would be hard to get past each other and the door wouldn’t fully open. Adding a banquette seat and moving the table to one side makes the space completely usable. Plus, the pristine white banquette works superbly with the interior’s Hamptons-inspired look.


Beach Style Dining Room by Woodmeister Master Builders

Eat and Run

When the dining area is right beside an entrance or a hallway, it’s essential that the thoroughfare is uninterrupted with no dining chairs sticking out. The corner banquette provides an elegant solution with enough room to seat six people.


Traditional Kitchen by Frenchs Cabinet Gallery llc

In the Round

A curved banquette allows for more guests to squeeze in around the table. While this area is quite small, it’s possible to comfortably seat six with plenty of space for people to move around the room.


Eclectic Dining Room by MR.MITCHELL

Cosy and Cool

Adding tartan upholstery is a bold move but it not only makes the space cosy, it also sets the colour tone of the room. The wall-mounted lighting adds direct illumination over the table while looking like a structural artwork. This banquette allows the room to utilise all its space efficiently, and provides the perfect spot to gaze out into the courtyard.


Contemporary Dining Room by Rudolfsson Alliker Associates Architects

Long and Lean

Here, the banquette seat is much longer than the table, giving it a more casual feel. Designing the seat so it sits perfectly under the window adds symmetry, while the built-in unit provides handy yet discrete storage. Additionally, the table can be moved out of the way to offer flexible seating when entertaining party guests. Ways to combine storage with seating


Transitional Dining Room by indi interiors

Real Simple

If you have a penchant for mid-century design, a banquette seat can look right at home. Here, the rather traditional striped upholstery of the banquette is a nice counterpoint to the modernist Saarinen table, Eames chairs and Poul Henningsen pendant light. As a bonus, the banquette works double duty with built-in, but very discrete, storage


Contemporary Home Office by Debstudio


Flexibility is key here. The banquette fills the space and provides a handy dining zone at one end. It can also double as a casual lounge area. There’s space to lie down, kick back, enjoy some music, read a book or turn it into a handy workspace

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